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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will residency cost?

We do quote a base monthly rate, which is affordable to most, however from time to time certain individual circumstances may stand in the way of affordability. In these cases, we would be happy to discuss alternative inancial approaches to the monthly room and board fee.

Are semi-private rooms less costly than private rooms?

NSL’s room rates are already low compared to other facilities. The same rates apply to private and semi-private rooms. We determine the occupancy on an individual basis, based on availability and sometimes necessity (eg. For an individual who isolates themselves, a semi-private room is beneficial)

Can Niagara Supportive Living help me set up funding?

Niagara Supportive Living will be happy to point a potential client in the right direction for them to get the financial assistance they need.

Are there long wait times or a waiting list for residency in NSL Homes?

No! We always try to maintain a healthy inventory of rooms in our buildings. We are opening a new home on average every 12 to 18 months. Sometimes we may have to house a resident temporarily in another NSL home until an opening in their home of choice becomes available.

How long does the application process take?

Niagara Supportive Living tries to make the application process as simple and quick as possible. Often times, we are able to process applications the same day. Varying individual circumstances can however lengthen the process.

What are the visiting hours at Niagara Supportive Living?

In an effort to make our homes as “homelike” as possible, we do not have set visiting hours. Family, friends and professionals are free to visit when they want. We do ask however that visits are scheduled around Resident’s mealtimes and professional sessions (ie: occupational therapists visits, CCAC schedules, etc.). This enables us to facilitate the residents “care” services effectively as well as promote a stable, structured environment.

Is smoking allowed in NSL homes?

All of NSL’s homes are Non-Smoking residences. For residents who smoke, there are areas outside the buildings that are designated.

Are Pets allowed?

Generally, pets are not allowed. However, based on the individuals ability to care for a pet, sometimes we make exceptions for aquariums and birds.

Does NSL accomodate short stays?

Our programs are geared towards the long term stability and well-being of our residents. For this reason our programs have greater success when this is kept in mind. However, we often review short-term stays on a case-by-case basis.

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