Nov 15, 2022 - When community and social service agencies want to find their client stable housing, this can be frustrating especially when their clients are in an endless cycle of hospitalization, homelessness and incarceration.

As a community agency, are you faced with challenging types of clients who are hard to house?

As much as we want our clients to be healthy and happy, sometimes they just seem like the fated ones when it comes down to housing. The last thing that a client needs is their stability and well-being to become threatened by the people, conditions or the environment they live in.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the environment where your client currently resides posing a threat to their stability? (i.e. community and peer pressures that affect addictions, probation and behaviours)
  • Does their current housing provide a structured and supervised setting that offers them a sense of normalcy? (i.e. daily routine, safety)

When looking for a supported living environment, it is important to take these factors into consideration. Moving your client to a new community where the pressures and environment to continue bad habits cease to exist may help them get unstuck from the cycle they are currently in.

First, finding a reputable home that implements a housing first, harm reduction model is crucial in protecting your client from the dangers of homelessness due to addictions. Social and community integration along with a stable housing environment is needed.

Second, if your client has been incarcerated and released on probation or recognizance orders, finding a structured supported living home that reminds and enforces the client’s orders to maintain compliance is helpful. With a fresh start in another community, the chances to reoffend would be greatly reduced.

Lastly, when the fears surrounding food, groceries, rent and utilities are removed, your client will be relieved of the stress and burden when they move to a new community. Supported living residences that have money management programs in place will allow your client to be successful in their finances - all while ensuring a well-rounded, happy and healthy lifestyle.

Making the decision to move into a supportive living home can be difficult, but for many it proves to be the best decision they ever made. These homes provide a welcoming and supportive environment to ensure resident safety. Moving into a supported living home can give your client the fresh start they need, as well as the support they require to live their life to the fullest. Whether they are experiencing physical, mental or emotional challenges, or just need some extra help and support, these homes can provide them with everything they need to get back on their feet.

Written by Vishal Chityal
CEO, President and Founder