May 1, 2020 – Over the past seven weeks since restrictions have been placed on our communities due to COVID-19 we have seen the housing industry turned upside down, with a monumental increase in demand for affordable housing as well as housing for the vulnerable and an increased pressure on an already stressed industry.

I would like to take a moment to applaud all Frontline workers across Canada, the unsung heroes of our nation who have stepped up fearlessly during this health care crisis. To protect our vulnerable population they risk their lives each and every day going to work in our shelters, group, LTC and retirement homes.

As we stay at home in quarantine, we watch the heartbreaking news of how COVID-19 has ripped through long term care homes, killing hundreds of vulnerable people in its devastating path. In these trying times, I want the Frontline workers of our industry, as well as their administrative support teams to know that they have our unwavering support and respect. We as Canadians should take a moment to ponder what a blessing it is to have such dedicated warriors who fight to flatten the curve, all so we can go back to work and school, and return to our regular lives.

As the COVID-19 crisis is ever-evolving, all of us face uncertainty and new challenges. I am working hard at providing direction and guidance within the housing industry, using newly evolved industry best practices and standards.

Post-pandemic, there will be a multitude of concerns surrounding housing for the vulnerable, whether it is in LTC homes, retirement homes or supportive living residences. Moving forward, the industry‘s fear of the unknown can be combated by planning accordingly for the future.

To all of the front line workers across Canada, you are in our hearts. Be well and stay well!

Vishal Chityal
CEO, President and Founder,