Dec 14, 2021 - is taking swift action to protect our staff and residents in all of our SL homes and is pleased to see that the Ontario government is taking our lead to speed up boosters and increase restrictions on congregate living spaces, in response to the spread of the COVID-19 OMICRON variant.

The OMICRON variant is now spreading quickly across Ontario and is expected to replace the DELTA variant by the end of the month. While there is reassuring data that this variant may prove to be less severe, it is still preliminary analysis and new infections are doubling every three days.

As a result, we have already enacted our COVID-19 OMICRON RESTRICTION POLICY with the following protocols:

  1. Allowing only essential visitors such as first emergency responders, PSWs, doctors and nurses providing critical care services
  2. Limit to 2 outside visitors at a time to anyone visiting each resident at every home who are double-vaccinated

Infection and control measures continue to be of critical importance, including COVID-19 screening of essential care providers, hand-washing, appropriate PPE and rapid antigen testing. is proud to say that 98.8% are of our staff and residents are double-vaccinated. We are working closely and diligently with Public Health to organize and administer boosters for all of our existing vaccinated residents as an added measure to protect them from the new variant.

As leaders of the congregate housing industry in Ontario, it is each and everyone’s social responsibility to keep the vulnerable population protected. Under the guidance of our CEO Vishal Chityal, who has worked tirelessly through the course of this pandemic to keep our staff and residents safe, we would like thank him for being the front-runner in the mental health and housing industry in protecting the vulnerable in congregate care facilities and setting the standard that has followed through the pandemic.

We continue to work with our partners and public health bodies to ensure we limit the risk of exposure with the mutual goal of keeping our communities safe.

Be Well and Stay Well.