Vishal Chityal

June 15, 2020 - With the existing supply chain of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) allotted to hospital systems and large organizations, smaller homes in the industry struggle to secure an adequate supply.

SupportiveLiving CEO Vishal Chityal identified seven homes in the Golden Horseshoe area that were unable to secure reuseable masks, surgical masks, sanitizers, sanitation products, and donated a three month supply of PPE to these homes and their 32 employees.

“Regardless of the size of an organization, owners, frontline staff and residents of congregate home settings are equally waging a war against this pandemic. I feel that no home or frontline worker should go without the protection they need to continue their service as frontline heroes. Access to funding or budgetary support shouldn’t have to stand in the way of protecting our communities.”

SL members and staff are proud that their CEO has gone the extra mile not only to protect his own residences and frontline workers but that his philanthropy extends to others in the housing industry, with the humanitarian goal to keep everyone in our communities safe as we stand together to fight COVID-19.