December 12, 2019 - was ‘in the house’ at New Beginnings in St. Thomas Ontario, to spread some Christmas cheer! The team was invited to the party by residence owner Sandra Ferguson and hosted by New Beginning’s manager, Trudy Marchand.

Trudy Marchand, Manager, New Beginnings and Vishal Chityal, CEO, President and Founder,

SL Management came bearing gifts of blankets, pajamas, socks and games for each of their 25 residents.

There were lots of smiles, food and well-wishes from the staff and residents. “We not only make it a point to support our own residents but those of other housing providers within the community who share the same goal – providing stable, safe and high quality homes to our vulnerable population,” Vishal Chityal commented.

Patrick Pinnoy,’s Manager of Client Relations, and New Beginnings residents

We would like to thank the management and staff at New Beginnings Residence for allowing us to be a part of their annual festivities! Keep up the excellent work in the St. Thomas community!