February 2020 - SupportiveLiving.ca recognizes that the wellness of our residents is not just focusing on mental health but providing physical and emotional support.

Vishal Chityal

With his continuous spirit of giving, Vishal Chityal, CEO, President and Founder has personally donated hundreds of new bed sets to all SL residences.

“SupportiveLiving is not just about housing our residents. It’s about giving them back a new lease on life and a reason to wake up every morning. I believe it is important to have a comfortable place to sleep which is key to sustain their well-being and improve the lives of all our residents,” he commented.

Every resident received a new mattress and box spring, protective covers, fitted sheets, a warm comforter, and 2 new pillows with encasements.

The 2019 Project started in May of last year and wrapped up just in time for Christmas 2019. Residents of SL homes were thrilled as well as surprised to see their old beds being carted away and new cozy beds being set up for them. Their “slightly used” beds were cleaned and donated to other community partners in need. A win for all and a very happy end to a great SL year!

SupportiveLiving.ca management, staff and residents would like to thank our CEO for continuing to put residents at the forefront of his priorities!