January 18, 2020 - With the winter storm that affected many parts of Ontario this past Saturday, a potential housing crisis was averted in the rural community of Harriston.

Due to the heavy snowfall throughout the day, the weight of the snow crushed a boiler vent at a SupportiveLiving home, rendering the boiler system inoperable. SupportiveLiving’s management team, front line staff and community partners responded swiftly to alarms at the residence, evacuating all inside.

Thanks to a perfectly executed crisis management protocol, the building was deemed safe and all residents were able to return inside within record time.

We would like to give a big thank-you to the community partners who came to our assistance. Thank you to the Harriston Fire Department, Metzger Plumbing & Heating and the Harriston Pentecostal Church.

Another example of how SupportiveLiving.ca and its community partners work hand-in-hand, keeping the community safe!