February 2020 - While SupportiveLiving.ca prides itself in providing housing for their residents, it doesn’t end there. SupportiveLiving management and front line staff make every effort to establish personal connections and build strong personal relationships with our residents.

Resident Lisa Parks, from White House Lodge Supportive Living Residence

Our CEO, President and Founder, Vishal Chityal has founded the company on the principle that adequate housing alone for the individuals that we serve simply isn’t enough. “SupportiveLiving.ca is not just about overseeing the operations of residences; it is about making a difference in the lives of the people that we serve, having their best interests at heart.”- Vishal Chityal

Hundreds of residents received a personal winter gift which consisted of a fleece blanket, warm socks, scarfs, hats as well as games and puzzles.

In gratitude, the residents of the homes personalized thank you cards for Vishal (Charlie).

The wellness of our residents is not just about housing and stabilizing their mental health but also nurturing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs to make a positive impact in their lives!