October 19, 2021 - Congratulations to SupportiveLiving.ca for being accredited by Canadian Business Review Board as the Best Business in Canada 2021 among other businesses.

The CBRB’s mission is to identify and promote consumer-centric businesses in Canada. Their accreditation is based on best practices as set out by the Harvard Business School.

SupportiveLiving.ca was awarded this accreditation based on business practices relating to customer relations, quality of service, proven sustainability and innovation.

This recognition was awarded only a few months after SupportiveLiving.ca was nationally recognized as Housing Support Service of the Year Award and a national award for The Most Outstanding Supportive Services Management Team in Canada last year.

CEO, President and Founder, Vishal Chityal, commented, “It is with great honour we accept this accreditation by the Canadian Business Review Board. In the years to come, SupportiveLiving.ca will continue to be a leader in quality of service to our clients and consumers and continue to foster innovation within the vulnerable housing sector.”

SupportiveLiving.ca would like to thank our supporters, advocates and loyal clients who make it possible for us to continue to positively impact communities across Ontario.