March 12 - One of the greatest strengths we hold at is our commitment to the ongoing health and well-being of our residents and employees. The Coronavirus pandemic that is developing is our opportunity and obligation to put people’s safety first. Regardless of how this health threat progresses, it is our goal to protect the well-being of our residents, their families, and our employees. 

We want to ensure that anyone connected with are communicated with, supported, treated, and cared for with the utmost vigilance. 

We have implemented proactive policies and guidelines which we are following to ensure cautious risk management in response to this and any other health threat.  We will continue to seek updates and guidance from the World Health Organization, Health Canada, and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and will evolve our response management as the current pandemic develops.’s promise is to ensure that we are doing our absolute best to safeguard the health of our residents and employees at all times. Thank you and stay well. - Vishal Chityal, CEO, President and Founder,