April 10, 2020 – How are we keeping our SL family safe?

SupportiveLiving.ca applied the necessary COVID-19 protection protocols and measures, before public health officials issued their orders, to safeguard the wellbeing of the public.


March 2 – SL.ca Protocols were put into place to isolate our residents and monitor social distancing practices

March 5 – Internally set precautionary measures such as NO VISITOR POLICY, Screening for Healthcare workers and continued monitoring of any resident symptoms, contact-less delivery of supply chain stakeholders

March 7 – COVID-19 Measures: Increased sanitization of residences of all SL homes, social distancing practices, 24-hour telephone support for our residents from doctors, family members and supports

March 11 – Temperature monitoring of our residents and an immediate 14 day isolation/quarantine of anyone exhibiting fever, cough, or other known COVID-19 symptoms

March 15 – Hold placed on new admissions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread in residences

March 20 – Supplemental delivery of PPE to residences for all frontline workers

I understand during these trying times, it is very difficult not being able to visit our loved ones as the measures placed by SupportiveLiving.ca have affected everyone on many levels.

I personally assure all family members and stakeholders that our vulnerable population is being monitored and looked after with the strictest of policies.
As a result of this guidance, I have been able to successfully provide a safe environment within our residences thus far.

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support as we band together as a community to fight this virus.

Be well and stay well,
Vishal Chityal
CEO, President and Founder, SupportiveLiving.ca