Niagara Supportive Living
Niagara Supportive Living

About NSL

Welcome to Niagara Supportive Living……

We are an organization serving the community, focused on housing and assisting individuals with the need for support in their daily living.

We serve a wide variety of adults in all age groups, with varying needs and personal circumstances which may prevent them from living full and healthy lives in a traditional housing environment.

Our homes provide the support and stability many individuals with physical, mental or emotional impairments need in order to sustain healthy, enriched lives.

At Niagara Supportive Living, we strive diligently to enhance our residents' quality of life by providing a stable housing environment coupled with personalized service.

By personalizing services to meet the needs of our residents, assisting in their daily living and encouraging independence, we are able to provide a solid base for healthy, happy lives.

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