April 1 - COVID-19 has inevitably changed the way we do business and impacted individuals with severe mental health and addiction challenges. As the industry attempts to navigate itself through an addictions and housing crisis, many organizations that provide permanent long term housing do not have immediate availability and as a result, long waitlists*

While SupportiveLiving.ca has traditionally offered permanent, long term housing for over 15 years, we now offer Waitlists Support Program in a structured environment while your client awaits placement with your agency.

This program aims to assist the following types of organizations and is applicable to:

  • Permanent Housing Providers
    • If your client is waiting for a permanent unit, we can provide transitional housing
    • If your program has a client that can no longer live independently, SupportiveLiving.ca can house your clients, allowing your organization to free up its waitlists
  • Addiction Treatment/Rehabilitation Centers
    • We provide an environment where your client can maintain sobriety in a structured setting before they are admitted into a rehabilitation program
    • Upon discharge, clients may return to SupportiveLiving.ca for permanent or further transitional housing

Learn more about how this program can help your client - if you have waitlists, we provide transitional housing and client stabilization.

Contact us at info@supportiveliving.ca or speak with our Director of Admissions and Programs, Shama Chaudhry at 905-714-9517 Ext. 8

*This program is not available for long term care or nursing home waitlists