Beyond the Streets Team in Welland

May 6, 2021 – When it comes to supporting our community partners whose priority is to help the homeless, joins hands with organizations like Working the Streets Niagara. made a donation to Pastor Bill DeGuire, who runs an independent outreach program called Working the Streets Niagara that provides donated supplies to those who are living in makeshift homeless camps such as sleeping bags, tents, clothing and food.

Given the dangers of COVID-19, many people are rough sleeping in these camps to protect them from the spread of COVID-19.

SL’s donation to Working the Streets Niagara goes a long way by also supporting the following organizations:

“We thank for your support. Without your help, we could not do what we do. I am in awe of the community when they come together. When we invest our time in other’s stories, we emerge as better human beings,“ commented Pastor Bill.

Part of the donation went towards a dinner in Welland, on April 22, 2021, which occurs every Thursday night, feeding approximately 80 people which is organized by Amanda Johnson, owner of Truth Niagara, a handmade bath products company on East Main Street


Pastor William DeGuire

We thank Pastor Bill and Amanda for allowing us to be part of their weekly efforts to provide food and supplies for the homeless. The St.Catharines and Welland communities are blessed to have dedicated organizations such as theirs working relentlessly to help feed those who are living on the streets.

Our commitment to support those who are making a difference in our communities such as charitable organizations helping the homeless and other housing providers have never wavered as we work together to become a stronger community in the face of COVID-19.