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BLOG MENU Blog menu is proud to announce that they are the recipient of a National Enablement Award. Canadian over 50’s Housing Awards bestowed the honour upon in a ceremony that took place in Mississauga, Ontario on Dec 10, 2019.'s management team from left to right: Shama Chaudhry, (Director of Communications), Cynthia Lamb (Regional Supervisor), Jacqueline Honey

“Everyone in need must have access to high quality, effective and affordable mental health services…too often our mental health problems are left to play themselves out…in the streets, homeless centres and prisons.” David Satcher

The connection between homelessness and mental illness is presented as a complicated, two-way relationship. As a result, in dealing with the problem of homel

What is Supportive Living?

Adequate and suitable housing contributes to physical and mental well-being.

Supportive Living homes provide the advantages of living independently, combining affordable housing with organizational support services, to connect people struggling with chronic mental health issues, receive appropriate health care.

As stated in the Homeless Hub

Do you sometimes feel like a hamster on a wheel when you are faced with challenging clients who are hard to stabilize? As much as industry professionals want to stabilize housing for their clients, sometimes we feel like we are on an endless cycle of hospitalization, incarceration, and homelessness.

The cycle of homelessness, incarceration, and hospitalization

Despite efforts to bri

"The single greatest risk to patient safety in care homes is medication use: specifically medication errors and adverse drug events…" – College of Physicians and Surgeons

The Importance of Medication Management in Supportive Living Homes

Not all pharmacies are created equal. The importance of medication management and a supportive living environment go hand in hand. Once t