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What People Are Saying!

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Sarah R

“I have had a great experience working with Their team is very thorough, responsive and on the ball, especially when providing updates. They break up each step of the proces..."

Sarah S

“ is willing to provide housing to individuals experiencing the stigma of mental health issues who normally would be difficult to house. This is huge within our communities. T..."

Vince E

“I have been living at White House Lodge Supportive Living Residence since last September 2019. I was homeless in Guelph, diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 18 and in bad physical health..."

Bonnie M

“I used to live on my own and worked in the medical profession. I ignored symptoms of epilepsy and it resulted in the loss of my memory. As a result, I was no longer able to live on my own. I ..."

Peppi N

“I have a good life living here at Lakeside Terrace Supportive Living Residence. My social worker saved my life and she is an important person who helps me every day. I like living here and I ha..."


“Over the past year, my experience working with has always been amazing. I am able to place complex, chronically homeless individuals who normally would not be housed quickly..."

Shannon L

"In placing a family member into, my experience has been amazing. The admissions team exercised a high level of professionalism and expertise by quickly assessing my daughter&rsquo..."

Jyothy J

"I have worked at Beatrice Manor Supportive Living Residence for five months. My background as a RN and my work at SupportiveLiving allows me to practice medication management in my interactions with ..."

Jiji D

"I joined as as staff member almost two years ago in May 2018 when I was training to become a nurse. I was given a live-in position at Humberstone Manor Supportive Living Residence..."

Ken K

"I started working at White House Lodge Supportive Living residence two months ago and what can I say? I have worked in many group homes but found to be a large, welcoming company,..."


“ is very responsive and committed in helping to place an individual I support, who has very complex needs. This makes my job easier by facilitating the intake process and und..."

Nick B

“When working with as an organization, I found them to be very accommodating, flexible, caring and compassionate. They understand the complex needs of the vulnerable populati..."

Nathan P

"I was living in another home and dealing with the ACTT team and psychiatrists but then I came to SL in 2011 and been here for 8 years. Living here has made me a better person and I made a lot of frie..."

Albert S

"I lived home with my family but it didn't work out. I have been at Humberstone Manor Supportive Living Residence for 2 years. I get along with the other residents, the staff is supportive and I am mo..."

Greg M

"I was hospitalized, into drugs and not eating properly. I was living on my own but it didn’t work out and then I was at another group home but came here a year and half ago. Being at Humberston..."

Angus M

"I was at a Chippawa home but it closed down and I came here. It’s a roof over your head and I can come and go when I want. Staff is great, good cooks and everyone is supportive. I help out with..."

Carol Ann G

"I was at a different home on Welland Street. Been here 17 years. The cooks are lovely and I eat good.I like the staff and the other residents. The staff help me with my medication. I have to take 17 ..."

Christopher H

"I have been at other group homes before and at White House for 8 years. The difference it has made in my life is I turned my life around, I am getting along with staff and its like a second family he..."

Rosie O

"I was in a retirement home before and got kicked out for drinking. I have been living here at White House for 6 years. My life has changed because I don’t drink anymore and I am a better person..."

Annette H

"I was living in the next town over with my teenage son in my own apartment but then I was hospitalized last year. It brought on high anxiety and landlord issues. I was acting off and needed to recupe..."

Rob V

"I had no place to stay so I started living with a roommate and it didn’t work out because the environment was not good. When I got out, I ended up at Walnut Manor. There was a lot of negative a..."

Charles B

"I like St Thomas because I am a country boy, not a city slicker. I lived on my own and other group homes but I needed a place where it was quiet and they make good meals and boost up my confidence. I..."

Barb M

"I lived in London ON and then became homeless until I came to Walnut Manor 9 years ago. My life has vastly improved. Life is easier and I am more at peace and more independent. They have great staff ..."

Cynthia L

"I started working for almost 2 years ago and in this time I have been able to grow with the company. I’m always put to the challenge and one never stops learning. We have a..."

Sam K

"I have been working for at Beatrice Manor since December 2016. In the beginning, it was a struggle dealing with the residents as it was a new experience for me to understand their..."

Wanda R

" has been a great place to work! Management is hands-on, dealing with any issues that arise and solving them quickly. I love working with residents to make them feel as independent..."

Michelle T

"I have been working at for three years and been in this industry for over thirty years. I must say is one of the better work environments. I enjoy working for ..."

Jacqueline H

"I have been working with for nearly 8 years and it has been a rewarding and challenging experience. Over the years, I have been proud to belong to an organization that not only va..."

Rachel D

" provides accessible and affordable housing for people when they are most vulnerable. For me, they are solving the problem of homelessness, providing stable and supportive housing ..."

Sierra R

"As a community worker, is highly responsive – something which is quite appreciated in our line of work, given that it often take weeks to hear back from other housing provid..."