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What People Are Saying!

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James C

"I was living independently before but had to move to supportive living after my relationship fell apart. Living at Beatrice Manor has allowed me to learn how to live by myself and get my life back on..."

Brian C

"I was living in a place in an abandoned place without a shower in Hagersville. Came to Beatrice Manor and now I am not suffering as I did before. SupportiveLiving has done a good job keeping COVID ou..."

John E

"I was living independently on Victoria Street but fell behind in my rent and ended up homeless. I am happy to be at Lakeside as its better than being at the motel. I grew up close to Lakeside, and be..."

Ruth B

“I was Eastwood manor before but I came to Lakeside. I love the location near the lake. I like the people I live with, staff helps me keep my room clean and laundry done. Also, I felt safe here ..."

Alison A

“The people at Lakeside are nice and the staff is great here. The food is really good and I gained some weight and my face is growing back. I have a lot of support with laundry. Lakeside is safe..."

Theresa K

"Before going to the shelter at YWCA, I was living independently in my own apartment. At Lakeside Terrace, I have peace of mind that staff are here for supports and I have social interaction with othe..."

Stephen M

"Before I came to Lakeside Terrace, I was living near the library in Fort Erie with my father. I came to Lakeside over fifteen years ago. It is a comfortable setting here and I enjoy being near the la..."

Meghan S

"My name is Meghan and I am a resident at Lakeside Terrace Supportive Living here in Port Colborne. I have lived here for 1 year. The bathrooms get cleaned,the floors get swept and mopped daily, all t..."

Brad K

"I used to live with my brother in the city. Now that I am living at Lakeside Terrace, I feel more independent and supported. I have made new friends here and they even save me a seat at meal times. I..."

Vince E

“I have been living at White House Lodge Supportive Living Residence since last September 2019. I was homeless in Guelph, diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 18 and in bad physical health..."

Bonnie M

“I used to live on my own and worked in the medical profession. I started living at Humberstone Manor Supportive Living Residence for the last few years. Michelle is great – she is pleasan..."

Peppi N

“I have a good life living here at Lakeside Terrace Supportive Living Residence. My social worker saved my life and she is an important person who helps me every day. I like living here and I ha..."

Shannon L

"In placing a family member into, my experience has been amazing. The admissions team exercised a high level of professionalism and expertise by quickly assessing my daughter&rsquo..."

Nathan P

"I was living in another home and dealing with the ACTT team and psychiatrists but then I came to SL in 2011 and been here for 8 years. Living here has made me a better person and I made a lot of frie..."

Albert S

"I lived home with my family but it didn't work out. I have been at Humberstone Manor Supportive Living Residence for 2 years. I get along with the other residents, the staff is supportive and I am mo..."

Greg M

"I was hospitalized, into drugs and not eating properly. I was living on my own but it didn’t work out and then I was at another home but came here a year and half ago. Being at Humberstone has ..."

Angus M

"I was at a Chippawa home but it closed down and I came here. It’s a roof over your head and I can come and go when I want. Staff is great, good cooks and everyone is supportive. I help out with..."

Carol Ann G

"I was at a different home on Welland Street. Been here 17 years. The cooks are lovely and I eat good.I like the staff and the other residents. The staff are nice to me and are like my family. We have..."

Christopher H

"I have been at other homes before and at White House for 8 years. The difference it has made in my life is I turned my life around, I am getting along with staff and its like a second family here. I ..."

Rosie O

"I was in a retirement home before and got kicked out for drinking. I have been living here at White House for 6 years. My life has changed because I don’t drink anymore and I am a better person..."

Annette H

"I was living in the next town over with my teenage son in my own apartment but then I was hospitalized last year. It brought on high anxiety and landlord issues. I was acting off and needed to recupe..."

Rob V

"I had no place to stay so I started living with a roommate and it didn’t work out because the environment was not good. When I got out, I ended up at Walnut Manor. There was a lot of negative a..."

Charles B

"I like St Thomas because I am a country boy, not a city slicker. I lived on my own and other homes but I needed a place where it was quiet and they make good meals and boost up my confidence. I like ..."

Barb M

"I lived in London ON and then became homeless until I came to Walnut Manor 9 years ago. My life has vastly improved. Life is easier and I am more at peace and more independent. They have great staff...."